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Conquering Twitter Information Overload: Synching Tweetdeck Settings

If you’re anything like me, you get around a thousand tweets a day, and have a small set of messages you definitely want to read, and have a huge river of messages that you can live without (but which you’d like to dip into occasionally). In short, you need to construct a filter to retain tweets that are interesting to you, and relegate to the junk mail status those that are not. It’s like a spam filters for your friends chatter!

I’m working on a smart way of doing this, based on profiling myself(or other interested users) and the individuals in their networks (learned from their Mozilla Firefox bookmarks). Meanwhile, I need a quick and dirty solution that can filter by source (i.e. person) based on my impression of the relevance and quality of their tweets (learned via meatspace processing, i.e. manually!).

Well, my tool of choice for this operation is Tweetdeck. This serves my needs well; I simply created a group, and add people to this group when their postings are useful, and occasionally drop individuals when the number of participants in the group crosses a tolerable threshold.

However, once again, if you’re anything like me, you work on at least four different computers, because of your need to work at different locations and operating system (I find laptops are not powerful enough for my needs). So, in the absence of the ability to sync Tweetdeck settings across machines, what’s an overwhelmed Twitteraholic to do?

Well, if you’re tech-savvy, you have to assume that your preferences are stored somewhere, in a file, in a database, in the registry or perhaps the web! .. knowing that this is a light and relatively recent application, you can assume that it’ll be somewhere quite obvious.

Lo and behold, the seeker shall always find! A bit of poking around shows me that on Windows, it’s stored in a file:


Copy the td_26_[username].db from the following directory on the source PC to the same directory on the destination PC.

C:\Documents and Settings\[Windows User]\Application Data\TweetDeckFast.F9107117265DB7542C1A806C8DB837742CE14C21.1\Local Store

.. and voila, you have just transitioned your valuable, I-invested-time-in-this, settings over to the new location.

Let me know if this helps you (via your comments) and also please let me know if anything blows up !

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