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Organizational Politics (Enron email dataset)

When I look back at my career, with the exception of two projects, I’ve almost exclusively worked for startups. Today, while examining the Enron email dataset and validating that my tools were working correctly, I came across a gem of an email that just brought everything into perspective, and I thanked my lucky stars.

How is this for a prime example of an insecure, pushy, crazies bit of communication?

I thought Dilbert was a bit of imaginative caricaturing, but it does appear that the spirit of cubicle-nation lives on in firms like Enron.

Jennifer, I’m not so territorial that fire hydrants and trees are on my
priority list, but I thought that I was doing my job OK on this. If I read
Crowder’s FWD to Kim in a certain “tone”, it appears to me that they feel I
am overstepping. I’m sure there is a better way for me to coordinate and
facilitate these meetings, and do so in such a “tone” that Jim doesn’t react
the way I sense he did, so I’ll be coming to you to discuss, OK?

On a lighter note (I hope), I hope your NY trip went well, and I’ll see you

Thank you,


For reference, this email was in maildir/arnold-j/all_documents/3.

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