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Available for Consulting/Full Time Work

The 10 months project that I have been working on is now complete. It’s been a very fascinating experience.

I started out consulting and delivered four very challenging R&D projects for CSA until the end of October. Then, I trained my guns on product development, as I had this itch to develop a ‘masterpiece’ which could use my talents. I’ve built a very sophisticated search and alerting engine which can help you consume your social media in a much more efficient way.

It took me three months to go through around a dozen business models before I finally arrived at the SaaS model that I adopted for BlogWhyz (start Nov – Jan end). I benefited greatly from the LeadToWin programme, my interactions with OCE, OCRI, the Ottawa Chambers of Commerce and GED Quebec. I’ve also built new relationships with amazing professionals in both academia and industry during this time.

In comparison, the actual development of the system took 22 days. The UI polish (creation of icons etc) took two weeks and I believe the beta will take two weeks to get through. There is no substitute for involving users in the loop… and I can fix things 40 times faster than larger firms with their involved processes. I actually don’t need to do any more coding, as I now have some incredibly talented associate who can help out.

This has been an amazing learning experience; who gets the chance to work in every aspect of a business nowadays? I consider myself to be quite fortunate.

In these 10 months, I have filled quite a few roles. I have been a consultant, researcher, client side and server side web developer, business development professional, marketing manager, copywriter, contracts admin (including a 60+ page proposal submitted to DFAIT via MERX!), university alliance manager, database administrator, database developer, graphics designer, usability and human factors specialist, CFO, Bookkeeper, and CEO/President/General Manager. Oh and of course, filing clerk and janitor (you have to deal with you own trash.. important function).

It’s been incredibly fun, and I’ve become a much better professional. Walking away from a 6 figure job at the end of May ’09 was quite foolhardy of me, but I just had to scratch this itch!

Now that the technology platform has been completed, and I have established the processes and partnership to move this startup the rest of the way, I find myself with loads of time on my hand. I am looking for a consultancy or full-time position.

You guys know of my skills, and if you want a smart, dedicated, passionate, hard-working, ‘failure is not an option’ person on your shuttle to Mars, I am on the market.

I am really looking forward to being a part of a team again, and working on a different set of problems. Contact me at shahzad@whyztech.com if you know of any opportunities, or give me a call on my cell at 613.263.8009.

Feel free to call me if you want to discuss anything which comes to your mind.

Thank you my friends.

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