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PageViews is an useful proxy variable for venture value

BlogWhyz is finally out of the labs, and into the real world. I have been catching up on activities that I’d neglected in this period. On thing I did was to view the stats on my blog (which I’d not been keeping track of for a few months).

This has been one of my personal best months. The excitement around the launch of BlogWhyz probably led more people to want to know about the product. I’m on the verge of changing the model of the business (again .. I know … groan!).

The number of visits to my site has reached a record level this month. The highest ever so far. I suppose that means that my ‘stocks’ are on the rise (employing a bit of old Victorian English). It’s some sort of affirmation that I am heading down the right path, in a scenario where so little is manifest or evident.

Getting the product out to the light of day was an incredible rush, and I am happy that my friends shared my joy at this event.

Now, the goal is to get to monetization, and to set this venture up as a sustainable business.

I’m talking to a couple of potential customers, a few potential partners, and am actively seeking investment. However, I really need very modest amounts to get this product running for the year to reach my goal of 100K users by December 31st. I am seriously weighing the three options of IRAP funding, vs angel investment, vs. getting a consulting gig to pay the bills.

Ideally, I would like the product to be out of beta by 1st April as well.

Keep an eye on this space to know more 🙂 .. and thank you for the good wishes my good friends.

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