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Agile Development

March 11th, 2010 No comments

I’ll admit it up front. During my undergrad (which was many many years ago), I was taught the waterfall model. Indeed, there was some mention made of other paths, such as rapid application development (RAD) and joint application development (JAD), but there was always the implication that those models were used by individuals who smoked their vegetables rather than eating them.

There are so many mature components available nowadays that unless you’re developing air traffic control software or logic for the Mars mission, you’d be irresponsible to NOT go agile!

What I love about Agile is:

  • At the end of each sprint, you have production ready code. If you can manage that, work is a joy, as nothing stresses me out more than half-finished tasks!
  • You usually know what to do next, even if you can’t see the complete path to the end of the project. Dead reckoning worked for sailors who did not have the luxury of compasses and maps, and we have the luxury of not betting our lives on our priorities and decisions!
  • The solution takes shape almost by itself. It perfectly fits the thesis of Al-Khawazmi, who states as when you take a big problem and break it into smaller pieces, and you solve all the smaller pieces, the big problem is automatically solved! Ancient philosophies with modern utilities. This theory is the basis of the algorithm and also contemporary map-reduce

I am satisfied customer. Three sprints from beginning to end, and I have a product on-line. What better proof do I need?

– Shahzad