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Using your own stuff… Blogwhyz to the rescue

March 14th, 2010 No comments

It seemed a bit strange to me today, but I actually started using my product for my own research purposes.

One strategy I am considering very seriously moving forward is getting some funding. Well, in order to get funding, you need two things (1) have a good pitch (2) know where to look. The pitch is not a problem really, as the products that Whyz Technologies is marketing is VERY useful both to individuals as well as to organizations. It automates difficult and dreary tasks.

Additionally, my venture is going to be at break-even in a few months on advertising revenue alone. However, VC funding in Canada is not as well developed as the US, although angels here are truly angels, with quite an interest in seeing local successes that they can support and cheerlead. I have been impressed in my interactions with them.

Well, there are a number of blogs that deal with startup here in Ottawa (as well as Montreal and Toronto). I started indexing them today, and will have a list of VCs and angels to approach tomorrow. Just saved myself a few days of work.. how’s that?