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July 26th, 2010 No comments

I have recently learned that the theories I held dear to me were false and misleading, in economics as well as software development.

Economics theories are based on 18th century physics, with a preponderance of linear models and tons of assumptions. We don’t do physics that way, and doing economics that way will only lead to more financial crises’ (like we have been experiencing for the past century). Physics has moved on advanced simulations and chaos based maths.

Software development is based on manufacturing theories, with inputs going in through one door, and the work being passed on from specialized function to specialized function until the patched, reworked product comes out the other door. Manufacturing has moved on, with the most successful firms employed continuous learning and root-cause analysis to ensure that quality problems never show up in the first place. Read more about this on these excellent posts by Eric Ries on the Five Whys for Startups and the Startup’s Rules for Speed.