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Inauspicious Beginnings

February 15th, 2011 3 comments

Whenever I feel a bit intimidated by the sheer scope of the work I’ve set out for myself, I pause and take a look at the inauspicious beginnings of the great IT giants of today.

Some of them are available here at The Telegraph

I especially love the page of Google, with the big exclamation mark. The exclamation mark (!) tells me that they wanted to be a Yahoo! me-too clone. Lucky for us all, their vision become much larger at some point. Otherwise we’d still be navigating subject directories!

You can find many more examples of these in the waybackmachine (for all you Rocky and Bullwinkle fans!).

My my, fortunes have changed significantly, haven’t they?

One of these, Twitter, is only 4 years old. Facebook is less than a decade old.

What will we see in 10 years from now?