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Quanta++ fix for Cervisia CVS plugin

August 21st, 2009 7 comments

If you’re like me and use the latest and greatest, you can end up using software with dated links. I love my Quanta+ editor, it’s lightweight and does everything I need without a 2 minutes startup time.

However, recently, it’s been giving me an error when I start it up. the same error will presumably crop up when you try and use the Cervisia CVS plug-in.

“..the file kde3/ is not installed or it is not reachable.”

The solution is to go to Settings->configure plug-ins
Double click on ‘CVS Management (Cervisia)’
Set the location to /usr/lib/
and the file name to kde4/

This way, your quanta+ installation will use the KDE4 version of Cervisia at /usr/lib/kde4/ (which is probably installed) as opposed to the older KDE3 version (which Quanta still thinks is in place).

Ubuntu Skype and kdewallet issues

June 21st, 2009 4 comments

Two quick housekeeping hacks.

1. If you use Skype under Ubuntu and cannot log in with the error message ‘another instance may exist’, you should check your permission at ~/.Skype. They’ve probably been fubared when you last ran Skype as root (which you really shouldn’t.. yes yes, I know).

2. If you get the kdewallet error (error -9, cannot read, possibly wrong password). You can simply delete your .kwl file at ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet

The next app you try and run will ask you for a password. When you type your password, it’ll be saved to your new keyring.